An Afternoon At Silver Lake

There's a place in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah called "Silver Lake." I've been going there since I was a young girl. It's a lovely location just 20 minutes from Salt Lake. There's a beautiful path that goes around the lake that is very accessible. It's a lovely place for a nature walk. This place became [...]

My Birth Story

It's high time I break my long silence. Hello everyone! Life has been so crazy. I feel like from one blog post to the next things were changing faster than I could write. And so I didn't! I put my blog on the back burner in order to navigate the major life changes that have [...]

Theme Thursday: Our First Kiss

It's the month of love!! I'm sharing my Love Story this month. If you missed part one, you can read it here. Part 2: Our First Kiss As Alex and I spent a little more time together, I knew pretty quickly that I had strong feelings developing for him. I started thinking that we were [...]

Theme Thursday: How We Met

It's the month of love! And so without further adieu (and in response to questions and comments from my readers) I give you...My Love Story. This is the story of the man who changed my life forever. Alex Smith. Not the quarterback. My husband. Part 1: How We Met Once upon a time, I (like [...]

2017 Year in Review

This has easily been one of the most amazing, unexpected, stressful, and wonderful years of my life!! Here's a little month by month review to ring in the New Year!   January In a word: Unknown In a song: "(It's Gonna Be) Okay" by The Piano Guys In pictures: This is a group of Spanish [...]

My Reading List: My Story

It's that time of week again!!! Before I get into the post though, I have to wish my cute little brother a very Happy Birthday!! Birthday Boy on the Left Photo Cred: Kimberly Ann Brock I told you these first few weeks are all true stories. Sorry to the fantasy lovers!! I just love true [...]

How To Overcome Writer’s Block (and Keep a More Meaningful Journal)

Hello friends!! It is Wednesday which means it is the day for guides, how to's, and DIY's!! Today's topic is something I (clearly) enjoy, and can't wait to share with you. I really enjoy writing, and I think I do quite a bit of it between my blogging and my journaling. I am a pretty [...]

Weekend Watchlist: Flops and Favorites

Before I begin this post I just want to give a shout out to my Irish reader! I get analytics on the readership of my blog each day, and there is someone who faithfully reads every day from Ireland! Whoever you are, thanks for stopping by!! I've always wanted to travel to Ireland. Alright folks, [...]

Utah Pinners Conference

Hello friends!! Thought I'd bring you a little life update today! This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to work at the Utah Pinners Conference. If you have not heard of Pinners Conference, you are seriously missing out!! A little back story, my husband's best friend's wife co-founded this amazing conference that [...]

My Reading List: An Unseen Angel

Good morning everyone!! If you're new to the blog, welcome! Before I get too deep into my post, I have to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday!! Sending love today to my hero, my best friend, and my inspiration. Today I'm doing my first book review for you!! Reading is something I really enjoy, [...]