Mormon Missionaries: Who They Are and Why You Should Let Them In

You've seen them walking and biking in your town. They knock on doors, talk to strangers in the street, approach people on the bus or subway. They're talkative, dressed up, fearless, and maybe a little weird? They can even be girls! And I was one of them. Who are they? These young men in white [...]

My Reading List: My Story

It's that time of week again!!! Before I get into the post though, I have to wish my cute little brother a very Happy Birthday!! Birthday Boy on the Left Photo Cred: Kimberly Ann Brock I told you these first few weeks are all true stories. Sorry to the fantasy lovers!! I just love true [...]

My Reading List: An Unseen Angel

Good morning everyone!! If you're new to the blog, welcome! Before I get too deep into my post, I have to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday!! Sending love today to my hero, my best friend, and my inspiration. Today I'm doing my first book review for you!! Reading is something I really enjoy, [...]