My Birth Story

It's high time I break my long silence. Hello everyone! Life has been so crazy. I feel like from one blog post to the next things were changing faster than I could write. And so I didn't! I put my blog on the back burner in order to navigate the major life changes that have [...]

25 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello again friends!! It's time (well, way past time) for a pregnancy update! A lot has happened and baby boy has grown so much in the last 4 weeks. Here's what's going on!   How big is baby? This week baby boy is as big as a head of cauliflower! I use two different pregnancy [...]

21 Week Pregnancy Update

Okay, this week has been a great one for the pregnancy. Let's dive in!   How big is baby? Okay, so this week when I looked at my 2 different pregnancy apps, I was just confused. Clearly I need to improve my culinary experience, because I have no idea what endive or baby bok choy [...]

20 Week Pregnancy Update You guys!! "We're halfway there!" I can't believe I am half way through this pregnancy with our sweet little boy. I have a lot to report this week. So let's dive in!! Also, fun fact: my mom is obsessed with Bon Jovi and I love it. I am so grateful my parents are products [...]

19 Week Update and Gender Reveal

Helloooooo week 19!! Almost half way there!! I feel like I start all of these posts with, "It has been a crazy [few] week[s]!" Well, it's that time of year an it really has! This is a big post today, so let me dive in! How big is baby? This week "Lil Smith is the [...]

16 Week Pregnancy Update

It has been 3 weeks since I've done a pregnancy update!! I can't even believe I let it go this long!! If you want to see some of my other updates, you can check them out here, here, and here. You guys, I am 16 weeks pregnant!! I haven't felt the baby move, but that should [...]

13 Week Pregnancy Update

Happy Friday!! Who else is so excited for the weekend??? I'm looking forward to today's update!! This has been such an interesting week in pregnancy. How big is baby? This week baby is as big as a lemon! 'Lil Smith is measuring 2.91 inches and .81 ounces. Also, our baby is becoming more and more [...]

12 Week Pregnancy Update

It's that time again!! I am 12 weeks along today!! I can't believe another week has already gone by! It has been a wonderful and busy week. How big is baby? Today my baby is the size of a plum. 'Lil Smith is weighing in at nearly half an ounce and measuring at just over [...]

11 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello again friends! It's time for my first pregnancy update!! I am officially 11 weeks along today. These past 11 weeks have been interesting. Let me just start from the beginning. Finding out about and announcing the pregnancy I found out I was pregnant on September 20th. I knew that at that point I had [...]