Ask Your Spouse Challenge

Hey everybody! I have a few new readers, so I thought I would do a little getting to know the blogger post. I asked Alex to answer the following questions about me and typed his first answer! It was a fun little activity to do together and some of his answers really made me laugh!


What is your nickname for me?

His answer: Sweetie

My answer: Definitely Sweetie or Sweetheart!


What is my favorite food?

His answer: Peanut Butter M&Ms

My answer: While I do really like PB M&Ms, my very favorite food is actually watermelon.


My favorite thing to wear?

His answer: My shirts

My answer: I loved wearing my husband’s shirts when I was pregnant, but I actually love dressing up! I think dresses are my favorite!


My favorite movie, and why?

His answer: Braveheart because Mel Gibson and your grandpa’s name.

My answer: My husband likes to tease me about my live for Mel Gibson. I’ve always been attracted to older men. I’m not sure what my very favorite movie is, but som eof my top picks are “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” “Singin’ in the Rain,” “The Man From Snowy River,” “La La Land,” and “Say Anything” to name a few.


For those who don’t know me, how would you describe my personality in three words:

His answer: I would say happy, assertive, and spiritual.

My answer: I’m not sure what three words I would use to describe myself, but maybe faithful, positive, and dedicated.


For those who DO know me well, whats something they may not already know about me?

His answer: You love to chew ice.

My answer: I do love to chew ice! I would say that many people may not know I used to want to be an artist (like when I was in elementary and junior high school) and I loved to go to art galleries. I even had replicas of some of my favorite paintings in my bedroom.


In my free time, you will find me where/doing what?

His answer: In the mountains or at a park walking with family. Or by yourself I guess.

My answer: What free time? Just kidding…sort of. I do love being outdoors. That is one of my very favorite things. I also love writing, especially journaling.


What is your favorite memory of me?

His answer: Being sealed in the temple.

My answer: My favorite memory with my husband was certainly our wedding day and being sealed. My son’s birth is a close second because I loved watching my husband become a father. And I loved our first kiss. That’s a good memory too. And his proposal. And every memory.


What is your funniest memory of me?

His answer: The birthday jacket. Wait, funniest memory with you of you? Definitely the bunk beds.

My answer: Okay, I have to explain his funny memories. On my birthday last year I was pregnant with our son but we hadn’t told anyone about it yet. As you may (or may not) know a woman’s bust usually gets larger when she is pregnant and that was what was happening to me. My grandma had bought me a new jacket for my birthday and I was putting it on in front of everyone. I buttoned it up, but the top buttons wouldn’t button up. It was so funny and awkward. Only my husband and I were aware of the “issue” at that point. The other story I will write about another time, because one paragraph doesn’t do the scene justice. As far as MY funniest memory with my husband, I would have to say either the first time we passed gas in front of each other (if you’re in a committed relationship, you know that’s a major milestone) or a day we went to Silver Lake and were trekking through knee deep snow.


Do I have a birthmark?

His answer: I don’t know. Probably.

My answer: I do! I have a birthmark that covers my entire knee cap. It has lightened over time, but it’s still there!


If I could take us anywhere on vacation, where would we go?

His answer: Hawaii.

My answer: Hawaii is my current dream vacation. I also want to go on an African Safari with my kids one day.


If you caught me sneaking into the kitchen after midnight, what would I be eating/drinking?

His answer: Water. The problem is you’ve had so much variety. I could name a few. It’d either be cereal, crackers, or apples. Or ice…

My answer: I would agree with everything my husband said and also add Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches during my pregnancy.


Do I have tattoos?

His answer: No.

My answer: Nope, I do not!


Do I prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola?

His answer: Coke Zero

My answer: Coke Zero one hundred percent.


Where do you see us in 5 years?

His answer: 5 years? A few kids. Owning a home. Owning a business. And hopefully we’ve gone to Hawaii before then.

My answer: In five years I would love to have another kid, maybe a third on the way or just born. I would love to be in a home and owning our own business. I would also love to have gone to Hawaii. So really he nailed it, except I would also add that I would like to be finished with school in 5 years as well.


I hope you enjoyed this fun little post! Now I’m thinking I need to do one about my husband to introduce him! Thanks for stopping by and God bless you and yours!


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