2018 Summer Recap

Okay y’all, to be honest I am not entirely sure where to start with this post. This is one of those “lifestyle” posts that I want to write as almost a little journal of sorts. But the thing is that when I look back on my summer and try to come up with all the cool adventures we had, it’s really just been the summer of adjustment! We haven’t had any big trips or cool reunions. Literally I had my son at the end of May, got my gall bladder removed in July, and just this month was cleared for regular activity like swimming. Just in time for summer to basically end!! In some ways it has been so lame, but in other ways it has been the greatest summer ever! I have learned so much as I’ve been striving to grow into motherhood. It’s been tough, but it’s been rewarding.

While we may not have any Insta-perfect trips to write about, we have done a lot of what matters most, and that is spending time with family.



This was a hectic and overwhelming month for me. Since we had my son over memorial day weekend, June was really our first month of parenting and the first full month of our son’s life. The first two weeks after he was born were the hardest for me. Two weekends after he was born we had my brother in law and his family come to stay with us for the weekend. I was very nervous about it, just because of how I had been feeling. But it turns out that I was able to snap out of my funk that weekend. I loved having them stay with us! We had a wonderful time together. It melted my heart to see me niece and nephews with their newest cousin.

June was a month of major adjustment as we learned how to be parents. There was lots of sleepless nights and drowsy days. When it wasn’t too terribly hot outside we enjoyed venturing out for some little excursions. One of them was a simple walk around Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. We loved the fresh air and togetherness.



The end of the month brought our son’s first little road trip (only and hour and a half each way, but still a big trip for a 4 week old baby). We ventured up to Northern Utah to visit my sisters in law and parents in law. We just made a quick day of it and it was lovely! It was great to get out of the house and be together.



In our church we give babies a blessing in front of the congregation after they are born. It’s a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to be together and is often the baby’s first appearance in the church (up to that point they’ve usually been too young to venture out into crowds much). It is typically done on the first Sunday of the month, so when family on both sides were into town for Independence Day we decided to bless our son the first Sunday of July! It may still have been a little early for him (he was only 5 weeks old), but it was a wonderful time to be together! We had so many family members come into town to witness his special day! We also enjoyed a nice luncheon at my parent’s house afterward. I loved having all of our loved ones in one place!


After the blessing, my parents in law and sister in law stayed with us for a few days. My husband still had to work, so I enjoyed some one on one time with them. One of the activities we enjoyed was going to the Church History Museum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also enjoyed visiting the Family History Library there. It was so fun to have them around to love on their newest grand baby.




We spent an awesome evening with my side of the family on the 4th of July. Our little guy was such a champ, although he didn’t love the fireworks. I am so excited to watch his excitement about holidays grow and change as he gets older!

July also brought my gall bladder troubles and subsequent surgery. If I can give you a piece of advice: try not to have surgery so close to having a baby. But, I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER since having it removed, so that’s been nice.

In July my husband and I enjoyed celebrating our first wedding anniversary!! You can read about that here. It was a magical time of love and reflection. I can’t believe all that has happened for us in just one year! Every day I count my blessings that I got to marry the man of my dreams. He makes marriage so fun and easy. He is my best friend and greatest support.



August felt like the first month of summer for me, and yet summer was actually coming to a close. We started off the month by making a trip to Boise (where my husband is from) to visit my in laws. This was our son’s first REAL road trip as the drive is several hours each way. He was such a champ and really didn’t get too fussy! He pretty much slept the entire way. We spent a glorious few days on the farm enjoying one another. We had barbecues, manicures and pedicures, horseback rides, and late nights chit chatting. I am so excited for our son to be old enough to play on the farm. I have a feeling that going on a trip to Nana and Papa’s house will become one of his favorite things!


In August we also spent a weekend in Northern Utah at my sister in law’s house. We loved seeing them and miss living near them! While there I attended one of my friend’s weddings and enjoyed reconnecting with some friends I haven’t seen for a while.

Throughout the entire summer we have spent a lot of time with my parents and brothers. We live very close to them and see them about once a week. My husband loves playing spike ball with my dad and brothers while my mom and I chit chat as she snuggles the baby. We cherish those times together.



Over all it has truly been a lovely summer. Like I said, it’s been full of family time and more recently time with friends as well. It has been a summer full of adjusting to our little guy! I feel like life is settled in to the new normal now. If we can only get one camping trip in before the weather turns too cold, I will be a happy camper. I do look forward to fall! It is my favorite season, the season of my birthday and one of my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving). My sister also returns from her church mission this fall and will finally get to meet my son. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months…but I am mourning the loss of warm summer days.


I hope each of you have had a lovely summer. What was your favorite memory of the last few months? Let me know down below. As always, thanks for stopping by and God bless you and yours!


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