Theme Thursday: The Proposal

If you’ve missed out on the first three parts of this story, check them out here, here, and here.

The Proposal

After meeting each other’s families it became even more clear to us that we wanted to be together forever. We talked about marriage and knew a proposal was on the horizon.

Alex picked out my ring on his own. Of the entire process, that was my only request. I did not want to go ring shopping, I just wanted him to take care of it. I spent a week out of town babysitting the children of a family friend. While I was out of town, Alex set up a meeting with my dad.

They had a wonderful conversation where my sweetheart asked my dad if he could marry me. I had no idea he was doing this or that he even had the ring yet! That weekend we went out of town with his family. He had the ring with him the entire time, but decided not to propose just yet.

When we got home the following Monday, we had plans to hang out that evening after work. Our plans were to go grocery shopping. As we drove away from my apartment, he blew right by the grocery store. I was slightly confused, but figured he wanted to hit another store in town. Next thing I know, we were arriving at the university where we met. We walked in to the spot where we had our first date, he said some sentimental things, and we got back in the car. I thought it was cute, but literally had no idea he was getting ready to propose.

Next we drove to the spot where we had our first kiss! Again, we got out, he said sweet things to me, and we got back in the car, on to the next spot. I loved how sentimental and sweet he was being! I still had zero idea he was proposing. I also kind of hoped the next stop was the grocery store because I needed to go to the restroom.

However, the next stop was the place we said “I love you.” As we talked about that moment in our relationship, he reached into the glove box and pulled out a blindfold. He asked me if I would please put that on. Of course I said yes. But then…I foiled his plan a little bit.

“Hey Al, I feel like this is probably an important moment, but is there anyway we can stop at a gas station or something really quick? I need to use the restroom…”

Poor guy. We drove to the gas station. While he filled up his car I went inside, but the bathroom was out of order. So I left the gas station, told Al I’d be back, and ran down the street to the Taco Bell a block and a half away. I’m sure he was so confused as he watched his prospective fiance run away from him, minutes before he popped the question! I promise, I was not freaking out. Well…I was, but more in a “Holy cow he’s actually proposing and I have to go to the bathroom so bad. Did he already talk to my dad???”

When I walked out of Taco Bell he was waiting for me. I hopped in the car, put on the blindfold and held his hand. We dis not talk the whole way to the next destination. We just held hands and listened to the music. I mean come on, what kind of conversation do you have in that moment?

I felt the car come to a stop. He came around to my door (he always gets the door for me, chivalry is not dead) and helped me out of the car. He lead me to a spot and then told me to take the blindfold off. When I did, my breath caught in my chest. There was the man of my dreams, kneeling in front of me, in front of the temple where we planned on being married. I looked into his eyes as he asked me to be his wife. I kissed him, and almost forgot to say yes!! I was absolutely floored. He then turned me around, and there was my family and his sister and her family! They had come to witness our wonderful beginning.


18446583_1467896783269921_1164479771624544955_n (2)



18447122_1467897413269858_8503197750055381901_n (1)

This was one of the best days of my life, and a day I will not soon forget. We spent the rest of the evening calling other family members to tell them the news. It was pure bliss. Every day since then has only gotten better with him. We had a whirlwind romance and a quick engagement! Al proposed in May and we were married in July. I fall more in love with him every day and cannot wait to see where life continues to take us!! It’s pretty crazy for me to think that last year in May we were getting engaged, this year in May we will welcome our little boy into the family. Life is grand when you’re married to the one you love.

What’s your love story??

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