Theme Thursday: Meeting the Families

If you’ve missed part one and part two of this story, don’t forget to check them out!

Part 3: Meeting the Families


As time went on, it became clear to Alex and I that things with us were getting serious. One night after another great date, we decided that it was about time we met each other’s families. My family lived the closest to us, so I invited him along to a dinner show at my brother’s high school.

For me, a lot was hinging on him meeting my family. Some people don’t agree with my mindset, but I was absolutely certain that if my parents did not approve him, I would seriously reevaluate my feelings. Not everyone feels that way, and that’s okay! But the relationship I have with my parents is such that if they had reservations about him, I would consider those and make a decision from there. So, I was a little nervous to introduce him to my family!

Lucky for me, they loved him from the very beginning! Meeting them went better than I could’ve imagined. I am sure Alex was nervous, but he was so cool under pressure that you really couldn’t tell. The only thing that I noticed when it came to his nerves was that he would not put his arm around me as we sat there visiting with my family before the show. That still makes me laugh! Also, I don’t have a picture from that weekend, which is a bummer. I know I took at least one, but I can’t find it anywhere!!

Alex was just about to graduate from our university. So, the week after he met my family, his entire family was coming into town for his graduation. It was very convenient…and very scary!

Meeting his family was nerve wracking for me. Similar to him meeting my family, I felt like there was a lot riding on it. I wanted so badly for them to like me!! I was so worried!! I obsessed over what to wear and how to do my hair. I was a nervous mess getting ready!! My roommates tried giving me pep talks, but they really didn’t help much.

As we drove to the restaurant we would be meeting at, Alex held my hand and ran through everyone’s names again. I was so nervous, but he was able to calm me a little bit. I met the Smith family in Rumbi Island Grill (one of my favorite restaurants). As we walked in the doors, my nerves melted away!! I felt as if I already knew this family!! It was the weirdest thing, but they all felt familiar to me. Dinner went very well and I was no longer afraid to spend time with them over the next few days of graduation festivities.


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