25 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello again friends!! It’s time (well, way past time) for a pregnancy update! A lot has happened and baby boy has grown so much in the last 4 weeks. Here’s what’s going on!


How big is baby?

This week baby boy is as big as a head of cauliflower! I use two different pregnancy apps that tell me his size and I loved the comparison this week that he is also as big as a baseball glove! Which is very fitting because my husband and I love playing catch. We just came in from a walk to the park as a matter of fact.


Baseball glove

Baby is measuring 13.5 inches and almost 1.5 pounds!! I can’t believe how much he has grown since my last post.


What are my symptoms?

I feel like I am hungry ALL THE TIME?? I am trying to stay healthy, despite craving things like ice cream and burgers. I have refrained from these things because of me gall bladder situation. I have also been craving little clementine oranges!

I am having increased hip pain which I am working to resolve by taking walks, yoga, and stretching. My pregnancy pillow also saves me!!

I have been feeling my heartburn escalate. My doctor has given me the okay to double my heartburn medication. I do that occasionally, but for the most part have still been able to manage the heartburn with my original dose.


What’s happening inside the bump?

Baby boy has developed equilibrium, which means he can now tell the difference between up and down.

He can now hear more of the outside world. He is responsive to his daddy’s voice and loves to wiggle and squirm.

Baby boy now sleeps for 12-14 hours a day. If only we could sleep train him in the womb! For now, he seems to be nocturnal.


What’s happening to my body?

Increased blood production and blood flow is helping me feel energized.

Joint pain and swelling has started, but I am finding it to be manageable if I am staying hydrated. Not to mention, my angel husband gave me a foot rub last night that almost brought me to tears because of the relief that came to my swollen feet!

My belly is still stretching. So far I haven’t noticed too many stretch marks. I’ve been keeping my skin extra hydrated and have noticed a decrease in the itchiness. Staying hydrated by drinking water and moisturizing your skin also improves elasticity, decreasing stretch marks.

I am beginning to feel a little bit like nesting. Nothing too intense yet, but every once in a while I get a burst of energy to clean or organize the most random things.

Shortness of breath when I bend over (and my lungs get squished by baby boy).


The Bump

This little baby is growing like crazy!! My husband and I are so excited to meet him. I’ve been feeling him move for a few weeks now, but a few nights ago my husband felt him for the first time. Some of my favorite moments in the day are the times in the evenings when we sit together and feel our little guy move. His little kicks and stretches are getting bigger and stronger every day! We cannot wait to meet our little man, and feel so blessed that things are continuing along well and that he is healthy.



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