Theme Thursday: Our First Kiss

It’s the month of love!! I’m sharing my Love Story this month. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

Part 2: Our First Kiss

As Alex and I spent a little more time together, I knew pretty quickly that I had strong feelings developing for him. I started thinking that we were probably going to kiss.

It was Easter, and we had decided we were going to go for a walk. I told my roommates what we were doing and they all screamed, “This is the night!” “Brush your teeth before you go!” “You’re going to kiss each other tonight!!” Again, the nerves started kicking in…

When Alex came to my door to pick me up, he looked so cute!! We started walking towards the LDS Temple in our town. We made a lap around the grounds, before choosing a bench to sit on. The sun had set, the night was a little chilly, but there was a warm breeze blowing (indicating that summer was drawing near), we were surrounded by tulips and daffodils, the setting was truly idyllic.


Again…the nerves. I was so nervous to kiss him!! I felt like there was a lot riding on this kiss and I did NOT want to mess it up. As we kept talking, I started getting lost in the moment, the setting, the conversation. But, I kept avoiding eye contact because I knew if I looked at him, we would kiss.

Finally, I heard my great-grandpa’s voice in my head telling me to “Just do it!” So, I made eye contact with Alex and before I knew what was happening, he planted a kiss on me. The moment was surreal. The kiss was tender, and full of meaning for the short time we had known each other. I floated home on a cloud that night.

When I got home to my roommates, I lost it! I was so excited!! That’s when they confessed that THEY HAD FOLLOWED US TO THE TEMPLE! They had video evidence and pictures to prove it! But, they left before the good part because they didn’t see the kiss.

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