21 Week Pregnancy Update

Okay, this week has been a great one for the pregnancy. Let’s dive in!


How big is baby?

Okay, so this week when I looked at my 2 different pregnancy apps, I was just confused. Clearly I need to improve my culinary experience, because I have no idea what endive or baby bok choy is… Here are some pics of both! And if you know what these foods are, let me know!! The most relatable size comparison I could find this week was that our baby boy is the size of a baseball cap!


baby bok choy

baseball cap

This week baby boy has grown 4 INCHES!! That is significant progress from last week! He is now measuring 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. Talk about growth!!


What are my symptoms?

This week I have been MUCH more hungry and MUCH more tired. Which makes sense considering the amount of growth that has taken place this week!!

I have also regained my appetite for chocolate. I have been missing chocolate!! It really is very strange for me to choose fruity/sour candies over chocolate.

My belly is feeling more and more tight. I am preparing for some serious stretching here shortly. I have my favorite lotion at my side to lather up my dry, itchy skin.


What’s happening inside the bump?

Our little guy’s digestive system is preparing for the outside world by producing meconium! Google it…or don’t. It’s nasty.

Also, his little boy equipment is developing more as well!

Baby boy is still moving like crazy, and I finally felt him! I have had a few times that I thought maybe I had felt him, but wasn’t completely sure. Then just this past Wednesday I felt him, without a doubt. It was so sweet!! I have felt him each day since then, mostly in the evening. They are the tiniest little sensations, but I know it’s him!


What’s happening to my body?

I have noticed a little bit of increased back pain and hip discomfort. The amazing news is that an old friend gave me a pregnancy pillow and it is the most amazing thing!! I have slept so amazing the last few nights using it. The pillow gives me hip support AND back support. You can fThe ind a similar one on Amazon here.

My belly is growing. I have noticed shortness of breath when I bend over this week (on account of my uterus crowding my lungs). I have also experienced some of the itchy discomfort of my skin stretching. I keep lotion handy for luxurious belly rubs (which give me a lot of relief) and try to refrain from scratching myself. My husband has been so sweet about my growing bump that seems to take on a more circular shape each day.


The Bump

I should probably take a front view picture to highlight the differences this week. While I feel the side view is pretty much the same as last week, what has changed is how round my belly is. From the front it looks more like a little volleyball and less like a belly. It is so strange and amazing to see the changes my body is going through from week to week!! I saw a friend of a friend on Instagram who just had a baby at 23.5 weeks. Their baby is fighting and doing well, but it freaked me out because that’s only 2.5 weeks from where I am right now. We pray every day that baby boy will just stay in the oven and finish baking, because we still need time to get ready!!



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