20 Week Pregnancy Update

You guys!! “We’re halfway there!” I can’t believe I am half way through this pregnancy with our sweet little boy. I have a lot to report this week. So let’s dive in!! Also, fun fact: my mom is obsessed with Bon Jovi and I love it. I am so grateful my parents are products of the 80’s because I was raised on some awesome music.


How big is baby?

This week our little guy is the size of a banana! He is measuring 6.5 inches and 10 ounces. We are so excited and happy with his growth!!


Each week on Friday (the day I hit a new week in the pregnancy) I send a group text to some of my family members with the update of how big the baby is. There’s always some conversation and excitement about the growth and it is super fun. This week when I gave them the update, my grandma replied with this picture:

IMG9552181I should also mention, this is the first grandchild (or in her case great-grandchild) on my side of the family and we don’t quite know how to contain ourselves.


What are my symptoms?

To be honest, I have felt pretty dang good this week. I haven’t thrown up at all! I have been sleeping pretty well. I started feeling a little run down yesterday, but I think that’s pretty normal when you finally make it to the weekend.

I will say I have had a little bit more back pain and a little bit of swelling in my feet, but as I have been trying to drink more and more water I have noticed an improvement. It’s kind of a rough battle when you need to drink more water, but already find yourself going to the bathroom an obnoxious amount. TMI?


What’s happening inside the bump?

To be honest with you, as far as development goes I’m not totally sure what has really changed from last week to this week except size!! And I think that’s pretty much the name of the game right now. Baby boy has all his vital organs and limbs, now it’s just time to grow, grow, GROW!!


What’s happening to my body?

Similar to last week, most of my discomfort comes from rapid growth. As baby boy keeps growing up and out he is taking the space of my organs. He is especially squishing my bladder and crowding my lungs. I have begun to notice myself getting a little more winded, especially when I am bending over to put on my socks and shoes. I’m sure that will just continue to become a chore as the time goes by. Thank goodness I can just wear sandals and slip-on shoes in the latter part of my pregnancy!

I have also noticed an increase in heartburn as my digestive system gets more crowded. If you’ve read my posts in the past, you know that I started dealing with heartburn early on. I’ve been on a heartburn medication now for about 6 weeks and it has really helped! This week, though, I have noticed the heartburn trying to break through. I am on the minimum dose right now, so it’s very likely I will have to up my dosage in the coming weeks and as I enter the third trimester.


20 Week Ultrasound

This past week we had our “20 Week” or “Mid Pregnancy” Ultrasound. This is when we would’ve found out the gender, were it not for my little stint in the hospital. Besides the gender reveal, this ultrasound is very important for tracking the progress of the baby. They measure EVERYTHING and look at all the organs, limbs, spine, etc. In this ultrasound you find out if your due date is correct, if your placenta is healthy, of you are at risk for pre-term labor, etc.

Our ultrasound went very well!! Our little man is strong, healthy, wiggle, and a little camera shy. All the measurements were perfect, and all organs are accounted for. His spine looks healthy (and let’s hope he doesn’t take after his momma in that department). I am also right on for my due date!! His measurements indicated that his growth is exactly on track. What an over-achiever.

After our ultrasound we were able to meet with the doctor for a little while too. I was really glad that we got to visit for a little while because I had some questions I wanted to discuss with him about labor and delivery. We had a great conversation that I think will continue over the rest of this trimester as we start planning for this boy to enter the world.


The Bump

Okay, I am having a little mind blowing moment here. I have last weeks update open in another tab and just compared the pictures. I didn’t think my bump had changed much from last week, but it has! And just when I think I’ve grown so much already, the growth that is going to happen over the next 20 weeks is going to be more than I can comprehend.


I am so grateful for this opportunity to carry our little boy. During my first trimester, when I was so sick with my infection and normal morning sickness, I was talking with my mom on the phone. I remember saying to her, “Mom, I hope this gets better. Everyone talks about how amazing pregnancy is and what a miracle it is, and I am not feeling that right now. Where is the miracle?” I hesitate to share that because I don’t want to sound coarse or insensitive, I’m just illustrating the frustration I felt in the middle of a pretty miserable time. Well, I want to go back and shake that girl and tell her that the miracle comes in growing a little person inside you! Not because you’re consciously trying to, just because your body does that. You are a woman, blessed with the opportunity to carry a baby. Your pregnancy is healthy. You are strong. You are blessed. This IS a miracle.


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