19 Week Update and Gender Reveal

Helloooooo week 19!! Almost half way there!! I feel like I start all of these posts with, “It has been a crazy [few] week[s]!” Well, it’s that time of year an it really has! This is a big post today, so let me dive in!

How big is baby?

This week “Lil Smith is the size of a mango! Our little one is measuring 5.89 inches and 8.5 ounces! Grow baby, grow!



What are my symptoms?

Good news! I have not been throwing up nearly as much!! I had a rough go at Christmas time (probably just out of my routine), but across the board my morning sickness has all but vanished.

My heartburn is also staying at bay thanks to a great heart burn medicine my doctor has encouraged me to take.

I have had a few episodes with my gall bladder (more common than you would think in pregnant women). So far it doesn’t look like I’ll have to get it taken out during the pregnancy, but I am on a mostly fat-free diet. Admittedly, I kind of cheated during the holidays, but on my own at home and in my cooking for my husband and I, I have been sticking to lean meats, complex carbohydrates, and limited dairy. That has made a big difference, and I’m hoping to make it through the rest of the pregnancy without too much trouble.

I am growing!! I feel it in my itchy skin and my tight belly. All of the tendons and ligaments in there are stretching to make room for baby.

I still haven’t felt any movement. Or if I have I haven’t been able to confidently say, “That’s the baby.”

CRAVINGS!! If you saw my 18 week update on my Instagram last week, you may remember my obsession with sour candies and foods. That’s still going strong folks! I am still consuming tons of Sour Patch Kids (which I keep almost calling Cabbage Patch Kids), pickles, oranges, orange juice, and these delicious Pomegranate or Lime Fruit popsicles.


What’s happening inside the bump?

Baby is rapidly growing right now!!

‘Lil Smith is developing a protective coating on the skin called caseosa.

The baby’s brain is developing the nerve cells for all five senses!


What’s happening to my body?

The discomfort of rapid growth is kicking in. Up to this point most of my discomfort has stemmed from being sick. Now, my body aches from growth!

I am no longer allowed to sleep on my back (due to the 8.5 ounce mango squishing me and cutting off circulation). 4 years ago, I would’ve been content sleeping on my sides, but then I sustained a severe back injury and subsequent surgery and trained myself to sleep flat on my back and not move. That means that now I am having a hard time sleeping well on my sides. I sleep with a body pillow between my legs, which definitely helps, but I do move a lot at night as my hips get tired.

Like I mentioned earlier, my belly is itchy!! I am keeping my favorite lotion handy so I can rub it with a moisturizer instead of scratching it dry with my nails. It also feels good to rub my belly as my tendons and ligaments are uncomfortably stretching.

One blessing that I am grateful for is that my back is not aching much more than it does when I’m not pregnant. I have been so nervous about that.

My bladder is experiencing increasing stress and pressure with less room in my abdomen. My visits to the restroom are becoming more frequent (especially in the night).

My skin has been clearing up! I have a few rogue zits right now, but the breakouts have decreased significantly in the last couple weeks. Is this the pregnancy glow??


My Bump

Notice a little difference?? It is so bizarre to me watching my body grow. We are getting so excited to meet our little one in just 21 more weeks!! We have our mid pregnancy ultrasound and an appointment with my doctor next week and cannot wait to see our baby!



Girl or Boy?

So technically, we were going to be finding out the gender next week, but we have actually already known for several weeks! Many people purchase the blood tests these days. They are very accurate and usually have a money back guarantee if the results are wrong. We didn’t do that, but it sure seems like a fun way to find out! What happened to us was slightly more dramatic and frightening.

About 3 weeks ago I spotted a little bit. I didn’t think much of it because I hadn’t spotted at all in my pregnancy and I didn’t have any accompanying cramps. After being careful throughout the day and going to sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night to intense chest pain. My chest and ribs felt completely constricted and I was having a hard time breathing. I waited about an hour trying to calm myself down and see if it would pass (don’t do what I did, just go straight to the hospital) before I woke up my husband. We decided to go to the hospital. I was so scared for our baby!

When we got to the emergency room they ran all their tests. They ruled out a heart attack or anything having to do with my heart. They decided not to do a chest x-ray and do an ultrasound instead. Turns out, this was my first gall bladder episode! They found my gall bladder full of gall stones. *Side note: none of my other episodes have been nearly as bad as this one since altering my diet. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!!*

Because of my spotting and the stress of the pain and hospital visit, the ultrasound tech checked the baby too. Everything was just fine! The heart beat was normal and strong with no signs of stress on the baby at all. As the tech was checking the baby, he verified how far along I was. I told him 16 weeks and then shared how we would be finding out the gender so soon!! He kind of chuckled to himself and said, “Well, I can tell you right now what you’re having…”


IT’S A BOY!!! I couldn’t help it. I started crying. I mean come on guys, after the night I had had and then receiving the news at 3:45 AM I was a little over done. But the tears were happy ones! Knowing our little guy was healthy and strong in there, despite what momma was going through, was music to my ears. Finding out we’re having a boy was amazing news too!! My husband and I have been saying the entire pregnancy that we’re having a boy. I can’t describe how I knew, but I have just felt all along that we had a little boy coming our way. We were overjoyed to hear the news!!

Our families were worried about me and my hospital visit, so it was pretty fun to let them all know the gender of our baby after we gave them the report of the hospital visit. We were discharged and went home to sleep. When I woke up the next…well, later that morning I thought it was a dream!

We told our families and some friends, but haven’t made a great big announcement about it yet. We have a name all picked out, and can’t wait to start our family off with a handsome little boy.


Stay Connected

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