My Reading List: Larry H. Miller Behind the Drive

Hey guys!! Happy Thanksgiving!! My husband and I had a great weekend with family (can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow). I know I was totally MIA, but it’s nice to take a little break for the holiday. I am so excited to give you my book review today.

A year ago for Christmas my family and I replaced the stereo in my dad’s truck. We all chipped in to get him some new music to listen to in his truck. However, I decided to get him some books on CD to add variety to his library. It has become somewhat of a tradition now to gift him new books on CD. One of those is “Larry H. Miller: Behind the Drive.” After he listened to this book, he told me I had to read it for myself. So I did!

Behind the Drive

What’s it about?

Larry H. Miller was a serial entrepreneur, owner of most of the major car dealerships in the state of Utah, and owner of the Utah Jazz (NBA basketball team). He was also a member of the church I belong to! This book is a collection of stories from his life told by colleagues, friends, neighbors, athletes, and businessmen who knew him. Some of the stories are common knowledge to people in his community, but most of the stories are little known facts about his character and personality.

What impacted me the most?

Having my own entrepreneurial dreams, I was inspired by Larry H. Miller’s drive and determination in business and life. I was impacted by how he made his dreams a reality. I was also made to think about the price he had to pay to make his dreams a reality. In some stories, Larry H. Miller would express to the person he was talking to that the cost is sometimes higher than we think. It made me stop to think about the price I am willing to pay for my pursuits and desires. I was also made to think about which prices would be too high for me to pay. Ultimately, I finished the book feeling inspired to take action in some areas of my life, while laying to rest other things that may not be worth the cost to me.

Why should you read this book?

If you have a dream you’re pursuing or if you would like to get a glimpse at a higher vision for you life, you should definitely read this book. Over all I finished it feeling uplifted and motivated.

Tell me what you’re reading!

IF you read this book, tag me in a pic on Instagram! @theutahborntexan

If you have a book you’d like me to read and review, shoot me a message!

Thank you for stopping by!! God bless you and yours and happy reading!!

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