New Home, New Do

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Thanksgiving is this week, and what a crazy week it has already been!! This year we are spending Thanksgiving with my husband’s family out of state and I have been doing all the last minute preparations before we leave! I thought this would be a good time for a break and to bring you a little life update!!

Relief Society Dinner

There is a women’s organization in my church called the Relief Society. Each Sunday we meet for an hour and enjoy a lesson taught by one of the ladies in our congregation. It’s a wonderful time to be together as women and be uplifted by one another. Once a month we also have an activity together on a week night. This past week was our November activity. We had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner and talked about what we are grateful for. I loved the opportunity I had to sit with ladies in my neighborhood and my church congregation and get to know them better. I may be a little biased, but I think our table may have had the most fun. We laughed and talked about everything under the sun!!

I am so Thankful to have this kind of friendship and love. I love being part of an organization that promotes service, compassion, and sisterhood. It was so fun to get to know so many wonderful ladies better. I believe that support, friendship, and love fostered in an environment of faith can help any person become better. I love that I have a network of wives, mothers, and women of faith to turn to right here in the area where I live.

If you would like to learn more about the Relief Society in your area, just visit this site. You can chat with a representative who can connect you with this and other amazing organizations (for your kids, your husband, and your family) in your area.

You are what you watch

My husband has been on lock up duty at our church building. Each night he goes and checks that the building is secure. I will accompany him many times, or one of the other men from our congregation will go with him. Earlier this week he went alone one night. When he got home he told me that when he was walking outside he got a little freaked out as he imagined being in the “Upside Down” (if you don’t understand that reference, you must watch this show right now). We both laughed because obviously the “Upside Down” is not real. But it just goes to show that the media you view has the power to affect your thinking.

My New Do

This week I chopped my hair off!! I have been wanting a change, and my hair grows very quickly, so I decided to chop it off! This is a pretty big deal for me because it’s been a little over 15 years since I had my hair this short, but I am loving it!! Sometimes change is just good. I feel so light and fresh!! And lucky for me, my husband loves short hair.







Housing Update

My husband and I signed on a new place this week!! We are really looking forward to the change. The apartment is very similar to our current apartment, but $200 cheaper. Our current place is great, and we have made it our home, but with the issues we’ve been having with heat, hot water, and a stench that won’t go away, we felt like a move could be good. Our new place is in the same neighborhood near quite a few of our friends from church. It has new carpet throughout, new counter tops, fresh paint, a new kitchen sink, and a new water heater. We will be moving in in 8 days, which is a little insane because 4.5 of those days we will be out of town, and the other 3.5 days my husband will be at work during the day. Wish me luck!!

Parent Bonding Time

This weekend my husband and I went down to be with my family. My husband had to work Saturday morning, so I went down ahead of him on Friday afternoon. My mom had offered to come pick me up so that we would not have to drive two cars down. When she showed up, to my surprise and delight my dad had taken off work to come with her!! The older I get, the more rare it is to have one on one time with my parents. Besides my husband, they are the two most important people in my life and the two people I am closest to. I love any time I get to spend with them. We enjoyed lunch together on our way home, and just had a wonderful time talking about life, love, and the future. They are so excited to be grandparents! I must say, between my folks and my in-laws, our kids have hit the jack pot with grandparents. I cannot wait to meet our little lemon!!


Besides visiting family, the reason we came down to my home town was to support my little brother in his school musical! He has been in a musical before, but I was serving my church mission at the time, so I never saw it. It was amazing to see him performing in that capacity! He is very talented, a wonderful musician, and charming kid, so playing the part of Corny Collins suit him just fine! We had a blast watching him.



Mr. Corny Collins


This weekend one of my nieces had a birthday! We had so much fun picking out a gift for her, and I think it was a hit! I seriously love having nieces and nephews. No one told me how sweet they make life! It feels so good to have little kids around again. I love how quickly they have all come to love me. I think the bar was set high, because my husband is definitely the favorite uncle. After we gave our niece her gift, she and I played a game for a little while together. I love that time I got to spend one on one with her.

On top of his show, my little brother also celebrated his birthday! I cannot believe how grown up he is. What happened to the little 4 year-old I remember?? It has been a privilege and an honor to be his older sister. My brother works hard to be a good guy. He is studious, honest, caring, athletic, musically talented, and loyal. I learn so much from him.

Thanksgiving Prep

And now that brings me to this week. The weekend concluded and work began. I am doing the best I can to prioritize my time. On the one hand I need to clean, pack, and prepare for our Thanksgiving trip. On the other hand I need to clean, pack, and prepare for our move next week. And furthermore, I am so ready to decorate for Christmas!! One thing at a time. One thing at a time…

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my new Smith family. I adore the holidays and look forward to seeing what kind of traditions they have. It will be a little strange to not be with my family, but fortunately this won’t be the first time ever experiencing that. On my mission I spent several holidays away from family. It’s a beautiful time to learn new traditions, serve, and focus on the true meaning of the holidays. And the beautiful thing is, this year I will still be with family, they’re just new family!! Everyone will be together except for one of my husband’s siblings who has a brand new baby. I can’t wait to have kids around and to be able to see my niece and nephews that we haven’t seen for a few months. It is going to be an amazing week, that much I know.

How are you celebrating?

I want to know what your plans are this week! Leave a comment below or tag my on Facebook/Instagram @theutahborntexan

Thanks for stopping by! God bless you and yours, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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