Weekend Watchlist: To See or Not To See

It’s time once again for the Weekend Watchlist! If you haven’t noticed, the Christmas Movies are starting to make an appearance on Netflix. I love this time of year! But is it awful to admit that while I enjoy plenty of low-budget/cheesy films…I am not totally in love with the Hallmark Movie selection right now? I know, my mother would be so ashamed (sorry mom). I just am not really enjoying them this year. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones! And maybe I’ll get more in the mood for them. I’m going to be doing a whole Christmas Watchlist here in just a few more weeks, so I’ve got time to warm up to the Hallmark selection. But until then, here’s what I’ve got for you this week!!

To See

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

If you still have not seen this movie…I just don’t know what you can say for yourself. I saw this movie in the theaters three times, and cried every time! I also feel like this movie has sentimental value for me. The third time I went to see this movie, I met my mom, sister, and grandma half way between where I was living and where they were living to see it together. That was the day I first told them all about my now husband. And we all freaked out because we realized I was in love. That could be a contributing factor to why I adore this movie… But really, if you haven’t seen it you must watch “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend. It is pure magic. You can watch the trailer here.

The Office


It has taken me a very long time to finally agree to watch “The Office.” It’s just not really the kind of TV I watch. But recently my husband convinced me to give it a shot. I have actually been enjoying it! I also like that they are only 20 minute episodes. We like to watch one or two of these before bed (especially after an episode of “Stranger Things”).

Not to See

Mean Girls

Mean Girls

Now, before you light me up just hear me out. I realize that every person in the world loves this show except me, but let me just lay out where I’m coming from (and let me also point out that I can quote this movie backwards and forwards because of how popular it is among everyone but me). Here is what I don’t like about the movie “Mean Girls.” What girl would actually choose to watch a movie that so closely resembles the reality we experience IN HIGH SCHOOL EVERY DAY??? It’s like the very worst of girl drama and sass (that I already have very little tolerance of) on the big screen. It just always threw me off when girl friends would want to watch this on the weekends, just for us to walk through the doors of school on Monday and live it. And the other problem with girl drama is you can never win. If you’re in it they hate you, if you stay out of it they still hate you. I can’t be alone in this, right? Is this revealing too much about my feelings?? I can’t stand girl drama and “dumb” girls and objectifying girls, therefore I can’t stand this movie. End of that soap box. Rant over. You can see that trailer here.

The Following

The Following

When this show first came out a few years ago, I was so stoked!! Ever since I saw him in “Footloose” I have had a monster crush on Kevin Bacon. Not to mention I heard about the show after this intro on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (who I really want to be best friends with in real life). So naturally, I began the show right away! And after about 8 or 9 episodes, I stopped as quickly as I started. Let me tell you the major, disturbing realization I made after watching the first few episodes of “The Following.” This TV show is teaching people how to be murderers. The descriptive, deep play by plays given about how taking a life feels was extremely dark. I hated how easy it was for people to just kill. It was disturbing and disgusting. It made my skin crawl. I guess I’m just not that into being in the mind of a serial killer and his cult. Save yourself the yucky feeling and just don’t bother.

Tell me what you’re watching!

If you watch one of these shows (or something from another weekend watchlist) let me know by leaving a comment below or giving me a shout out on social media. @theutahborntexan

Thanks for stopping by and happy viewing!

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