13 Week Pregnancy Update

Happy Friday!! Who else is so excited for the weekend???

I’m looking forward to today’s update!! This has been such an interesting week in pregnancy.

How big is baby?

This week baby is as big as a lemon! ‘Lil Smith is measuring 2.91 inches and .81 ounces. Also, our baby is becoming more and more proportionate all the time! ‘Lil Smith’s head is now 1/3 the size of the body instead of 1/2.



What are my symptoms?

This past week I have felt less nauseous (besides when we had food poisoning of course). I haven’t had any morning sickness! I have also felt my energy increasing a little more too! I mentioned last week that I was going to try to stop taking naps because I felt like I was waking up feeling more sick. Well, this week I have refrained from napping, but I haven’t really felt like I needed to nap anyway! I can feel myself becoming less and less tired.

A symptom I have been having this first trimester is strange dreams/nightmares. Heightened hormones and senses tend to make dreams more vivid during pregnancy, but mine have been plain weird! And scary! Which to give a little background, I dream a lot when I sleep but I never have nightmares. This week I only had one nightmare! Which is an improvement too. Hopefully those are tapering off now.

My appetite has been growing this week!! I feel like my appetite has been so off during my first trimester, but it is coming back now! I feel more hungry and have found that I’ve been able to stomach more variety in my diet this week. I can see the light at the end of this first trimester tunnel!! Almost 33% through this pregnancy already!!

What’s happening inside the bump?

‘Lil Smith has grown and developed a lot this week!! Some of the new developments are:

  • The beginnings of vocal cords and teeth
  • Our baby now has fingerprints
  • Baby’s little intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to the tummy
  • Fingernails and toenails are beginning to form
  • Baby is moving its arms and legs (but I still can’t feel it)

What’s happening to my body?

The biggest thing happening to my body right now is increased blood flow! It is not uncommon for women to start to notice more pronounced veins. I haven’t yet noticed a difference in my veins, but I have deep veins as it is.

I am still experiencing some emotion from all the hormones, but I haven’t had any major episodes this week…at least none worth mentioning.

I have been feeling some abdominal aching as my uterus continues to grow to accommodate this baby. My uterus has grown out of my pelvic cavity and is pushing all my other organs up and out of the way! That has brought on a little more heartburn and some rumbling stomach pains. It kind of feels like when you have a gas bubble that won’t quite go away. Lucky for me, those little “pains” are easily resolved with a little stomach rub/rib rub. I’m sure this will all get way worse as my belly grows. For now, I just know I am hyper-aware of it because it’s exciting and new!

My expanding closet!

This week I took a look at my closet and moved clothes that I don’t want to wear to the back. I’m in this weird spot with clothing where I still want to wear pretty loose fitting/flowy clothing. Is it bad to admit I am a little self conscious about my bump?? Only because right now I feel like it doesn’t look like an unmistakable baby bump. Right now I think it could be mistaken as a chubby belly. So I have moved away any curve hugging clothing until my bump is more pronounced. Thank goodness the style right now is flowy!!

My little sister-in-law gave me a gift card to Old Navy for my birthday. I have just been sitting on it until I knew Old Navy would be having some sales. Yesterday I heard about a sale going on and decided to pop in! They had the two CUTEST tunic type dresses that are so cute for now, but that my belly can also grow into!! I’m not professing to be a fashion blogger, but I will definitely be planning a little clothing post to show you some of my favorite pieces in my maternity wardrobe. Keep an eye out for that!!

My Bump

For some reason this week I have felt like my “bump” is all in my head. I think because I’ve been feeling a little better I’ve even had moments where I kind of forgot I was pregnant. Is that weird?? Well, here’s proof I’m still pregnant. This picture may just be so that I have a friendly reminder that there is still a little baby growing in there.


Thanks again for stopping by today!! My husband and I have a fun weekend planned with family. Can’t wait to write about it next week. I hope your weekend goes well!! Enjoy all the last minute preparation for Thanksgiving!! And don’t forget to tune in to the Weekend Watchlist tomorrow.

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God bless you today and always!!

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