Veteran’s Day to Food Poisoning

Hello friends!! Happy Tuesday!! Lately I feel like life is moving 100 miles per hour. We have had so many cool things and not so cool things happen this week. Let me just jump right in!

Veteran’s Day

First, I want to give a shout out to all the Veterans in my life. I am so grateful for those who keep our country free. Recently my mind has turned to our founding fathers whose goal was to give the people free access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think of all those in my heritage who have fought for those ideals. I think of how discouraged they would feel if they were living in our time today, among the discord and hate of opposing parties here in our own country. As the line between liberal views and conservative views becomes ever more defined, my only hope is that we will maintain our civility and respect as we strive to resolve issues on both sides of the line.

In my life I have felt very fortunate to be surrounded by honorable, loyal men and women. My grandfather and great-grandfathers are always on my mind a little more this time of year as I think about all they sacrificed to keep our country free. Since being married, I have also added another veteran to the mix. My brother-in-law was in the marines and served in that capacity until he was injured. I am grateful for these men who put their lives and well-being second to the freedoms of the general population of the United States of America. How quick we are to forget their sacrifices, just because we do not fight alongside them in battle.





I’m so grateful for these amazing men in my life.

Sister Crafting

My little sister-in-law has been in town while my parents-in-law were on a cruise this week. We got together on Thursday and did some fun crafting together! I love when I get to spend one on one time with my Smith family. From the very beginning they have been so warm and welcoming to me. It has made it natural to transition into the family. I love any time I get to spend strengthening these new relationships. I firmly believe that love multiplies, and that family doesn’t just mean blood.



We made these super cute headbands together and had a great time talking and listening to music. If you follow me on Instagram, you voted for a tutorial. So stay tuned to learn how you can make one of these adorable headbands!

Tending the Kids

On Friday my sister-in-law had a birthday!! My husband and I went over to their house to tend their kids while they went on a birthday date. One of the many things that made me fall in love with my husband, was watching how much he LOVES his nieces and nephews. I already know he is going to be a wonderful father. We had a great time together with them and loved the one on one aunt and uncle time we got to spend with them. My niece and I spent some time together coloring, my nephew and my husband spent some time wrestling, and of course we all feasted on some ice cream right before bed. When I was putting the kids to bed I had the following conversation with my niece and nephew:

Niece – Aunt Natalie, how big is the baby?

Me – It is the size of a plum today!

Nephew – Maybe you should bring it over sometime.

Me – Well, the baby is still in my belly right now!

Nephew – Oh! We can be friends!

Niece – E, we aren’t friends, we are going to be cousins.

Me – *pointing to tiny baby bump* Can you guys see how my belly is growing a little bit?

Nephew – *puts head down by belly and says* Hi baby!!!

It was the cutest thing!!


Deciding to Move

After some thought and prayer, my husband and I have decided to move out of the apartment we have been living in. We will be staying in our town, but just moving into a new place that will be a little better for our growing family. We are excited, and a little daunted as we have put ourselves on a very tight schedule to try to sell our contract and find a new place. Fortunately, we have already had a lot of interest in our current place. Now we just need to find our new place!!

Food Poisoning?

My husband and I crashed and burned Sunday night! We think we may have had a little case of food poisoning from our dinner Saturday night (Panda Express, you really let me down). All we know if that it came on hard and came on strong. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at our plight as the night wore on. We were so pathetic. At one point our worst fear came true when we were both hit at the same time! We had one of us in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen trash, just dying. This is the first time in our relationship that this has happened to us! I had made a nice pot roast with veggies in the Crock Pot and we didn’t even eat it. We ended up giving half the dinner to some friends in our neighborhood who were supposed to join us for dinner. Instead of eating food, our dinner looked something like this:


One of my favorite things about my husband is how sweet and compassionate he is to me when I am not feeling well. Even when we were BOTH dying, he was still thinking of me first and asking if I needed anything. I truly married up.

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If you want to see what we did last weekend, check out my last life update post here.

Thanks for stopping by! God bless you and yours.

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