My Reading List: The Magnolia Story

Good morning friends! I hope y’all had a great weekend! It’s time for another book review!

I recently finished “The Magnolia Story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The Magnolia Story

This book was absolutely delightful!! Let me tell you about it.

What’s it about?

For those of you who don’t know, Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” They live in Waco, Texas and have improved their community by fixing up and flipping homes in that town. I had seen some “Fixer Upper” episodes, but it wasn’t until I read this book that I really fell in love with them.

The book begins with the story of how they met and started their lives together. It then outlines how they got started with “Fixer Upper” and how they created their crowning jewel: the Magnolia Market at the Silos. What’s more, the book is written in both of their voices! The font changes when they switch between perspectives. It’s like your listening in on a conversation between Chip and Joanna as they tell their story.

What impacted me the most?

What I loved so much about this story is that Chip and Joanna are so real. Their story is funny and light-hearted, but they are also bold in sharing their faith, their failures, and their success. As I read I was inspired to shoot for my dreams, and to find a dream to pursue with my spouse. They are the dream team, and they make me want to be better.

Another aspect of their story that impacted me, was that Chip and Joanna didn’t look at Waco and say, “Well, this place is a little trashy, let’s go find a nicer place to live.” No. They built up their community and made their corner of the world a better place. I love that they show each of us that we can lift where we stand, bloom where we’re planted, and make our home a better place no matter where we find ourselves. I think that is a powerful lesson that I can certainly learn from.


Why should you read this book?

I think that if you like the show “Fixer Upper” then you HAVE to read this book, but even someone who had never heard of The Gaines family before is sure to find this book to be delightful. It’s a pretty easy read, and less than 200 pages, so it’s the perfect book to read in an afternoon, or through nap times over the week. And don’t think it’s not a book for guys either! Chip will have you gentleman saying, “Amen brother!” I love Joanna, but in my opinion Chip’s interjections give the book its humor and charm.

Tell me what you’re reading!

If you read this book, tag me in a pic on Instagram @theutahborntexan If you have a book you’d like me to read and review, shoot me a message!

Thanks for stopping by!! God bless you and yours.

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