12 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s that time again!! I am 12 weeks along today!! I can’t believe another week has already gone by! It has been a wonderful and busy week.

How big is baby?

Today my baby is the size of a plum. ‘Lil Smith is weighing in at nearly half an ounce and measuring at just over 2 inches!


What are my symptoms?

In some ways I feel a little as though I’ve taken a few steps back this week. My nausea has been a little worse, and my “morning sickness” (which is really more like all-day and all-night sickness) has made it difficult to stomach breakfast and dinner. Afternoons seem to be the best part of my day by way of nausea and “morning sickness.” Additionally, I have started to get some headaches hear and there. They tend to be fleeting, but last night I got one right before I went to bed that was a little more intense than normal. I find solace in the fact that I am not the only woman to ever experience this and that it could always be so much worse. I’m still just awed by my body’s ability to grow a tiny human!!

Another symptom I’ve been experiencing is heightened sense of smell. Just when I think my sense of smell is as heightened as it can be, my neighbors start cooking food that turns my stomach or I catch a whiff of holiday scents that make me almost want to cry. Let’s just say cinnamon potpourris on my stove top have become my best friend. I have also had my first mega craving this week! I find that ironic given that I’ve been feeling worse, but I tell you my go to snack has been sour cream and onion chips. Don’t ask me why, but at any given moment, those sound delicious. The part about that that cracks me up is that I’ve never been particularly fond of those chips, but apparently pregnancy changes things.

I have still been super tired, but this week I have refrained from taking naps to see if I noticed a difference in how I feel. I will say that although I am much more tired, my evenings go more smoothly when I don’t take a nap. I am not sure if there is a scientific reason why, but it’s almost like when I take a nap I wake up sick all over again.

What’s happening inside the bump?

According to several pregnancy apps AND the baby book my doctor gave me, there is a lot of great things happening with baby this week!! Among the most miraculous:

  • Baby is developing finger prints
  • Baby has developed the reflexes to move fingers and toes
  • Baby is practicing breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid
  • Baby’s neck has started forming, and will be lifting its chin off its chest this week

As we are nearing the end of the first trimester, many of the vital development of organs and limbs has occurred. From here on out it’s time to grow, grow, grow!!

What’s happening to my body?

They tell me that at this point my hormones should begin to mellow out. I want to believe them, although I still feel emotional. I could share dozens of hilarious moments when I have cried over ridiculous things, but here are just a few:

  • I cried when the Astros won the World Series (I was just so happy for the morale boost that had to have occurred in Houston after all that city has been through).
  • I cried when my shower turned cold.
  • I cried when I got a text from my husband that told me he loved me.
  • I cried when a terrorist shot Gerald in the shoulder on NCIS.
  • I cried when I watched my friends Instagram story of her little boy crawling for the first time.

Those of you who know me know I would never cry about any of these things. But…I’m pregnant. Apparently weepy Natalie exists now.

In other news, I should also expect more heartburn and headaches as I move into the second trimester. I guess there are symptom trade offs! Also, I found out today that my uterus is the size of a softball now, so my belly should really start showing here shortly! So far I still feel like I’m in that awkward phase where no one could ever be sure if I’m pregnant or just a little soft around the middle.

Can I just say that the more I try to wrap my head around how big my belly is going to get before this is all over, the harder it is for me to comprehend it. I just cannot imagine my body stretching that much! I’ve begun to experience little aches as my body has already begun to stretch, and I ain’t seen NOTHING yet. So, I am now taking recommendations on the best belly creams for your pregnancy!! Leave me some suggestions in the comments or on Instagram and I’ll make sure to write a review on which one I like best.

My Bump

It wouldn’t be a true pregnancy update if I didn’t leave you with a little picture of the bump.


I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead. I can’t wait until I can actually start feeling all the little movements that are happening in there! My husband and I are getting more excited all the time.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend! If you want to read my pregnancy update from last week, you will find that here. God bless you and yours!!

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