A Girlfriend’s Guide to Fantasy Basketball

Hello friends!! I have been wanting to launch a little series called “A Girlfriend’s Guide.” This is for all the girlfriends, wives, daughters, and sisters who want to learn how to speak their man’s language. I have laughed as I’ve brainstormed all the things I could write about in this series. To start off, I bring you a guide to fantasy sports, specifically fantasy basketball because my husband has a love affair with the NBA and hopes to dominate his Fantasy Sports league each year.

You can connect with your man over things he is interested in.

So, besides the humorous aspect, one of the reasons I really want to write this post and the others I have planned is because sometimes I think that people can come to relationships with unrealistic ideas. Perhaps they think that with their significant other they will forage all new hobbies and interests to have in common. While that does happen (and I love finding new things we both enjoy doing together), that does not mean that we abandon what also makes us unique individuals. Something I have loved about the relationship I have with my husband is that we do not desire to change who the other person is.

Kobe Bryant

For example, I fell in love with a die hard Lakers fan who gets giddy at the start of NBA basketball season. I don’t know nearly as much about the NBA as he does (though I am a Jazz fan and enjoy going to basketball games). I know the rules of basketball and I can follow along in a basketball game pretty well, but my husband is on a whole other level. I have found that as I learn more about something he loves so much, our conversations have expanded. Because I am learning more and more about things he loves, we can talk about those things and his hobby can now include me. I have seen the blessing of that in our relationship.

On the flip side of that, I have interests that he has never shared in the past, but as I’ve introduced him to some things I am passionate about, we have grown closer together. Just to quickly illustrate that point: I am very passionate about music. I love music! To me it is one of the greatest things God has created. Music has always been a huge part of my life. My husband does not necessarily share the same conviction about music that I do. However, he surprised me this year with a keyboard for my birthday so that I can play the piano at home. He came up with the idea all on his own and did research for a good brand. When I play the piano in our home, he makes comments about how nice it feels and how beautiful the music is. That is just one way he has taken an interest in my passion and it has blessed our relationship.

So while this and subsequent “Girlfriend Guide” posts can be humorous, they also serve the larger purpose of letting you ladies in on a few little secrets about the men in our lives that could ultimately bring us a little closer together. So, let’s begin!

Fantasy Basketball

What is fantasy basketball?

Fantasy basketball is most popularly played through ESPN. A group of people get together to form a league (sometimes the league is family only, sometimes it’s all your man’s buddies). Within the league, each person has a team. The team is made up of real NBA players who put up points from the real games they are playing. There are a couple ways to organize your league. The way my husband’s league plays is called Head to Head. Each week two people in the league will go against each other and hope to get the most points. The winner in the league at the end of the NBA season is dependent upon what type of scoring system is being used.

The Fantasy Draft

One of the most important days in the Fantasy Basketball League is draft day. This is the day set aside by the league members to draft your NBA players. Everyone will have a draft position (determined ahead of time). My husband’s league has 10 members, so for their draft everyone was assigned a number 1-10 as their draft spot. There are a couple different ways they can draft. In my husband’s league they do what’s called a Snake Draft. This means that the order of the draft snakes around, going forward then backward. In other words, they draft in their draft order 1-10, and then backwards 10-1. Then 1-10 again, then 10-1. Essentially they are snaking back and forth through the draft order. So, if your draft number was 1, you would have the first pick but then not pick again until pick number 20. On the other hand, if your draft number was 10 then you get the tenth pick AND the eleventh pick. There are different ways to draft, but this is the one my husband’s league uses.

It is in your man’s best interest to be planning his draft in advance. There is a strategy to it! In Fantasy Sports your players earn points for your team. These points are not restricted to game points they score. There are many more ways to earn points for you than just scoring! Most leagues can decide how they want the scoring to work. Other methods of scoring may include things like rebounds and assists. That being said, when it is time to draft players, you don’t just want sharp shooters. You want to consider how much time the player will be on the court and if they will put up points in more categories than just shooting. When it’s time to draft a player, your preparation will pay off. My husband is always especially proud of the players he calls “sleepers.” These are the athletes that aren’t necessarily super famous (like LeBron James or Russell Westbrook are) but are very skilled, get lots of game time, and put up fantasy points. Those players could make or break the team.

Fantasy Basketball Games

Throughout the week in the NBA, teams are playing games. If you play Fantasy Basketball, your job is to make sure you are checking your roster and filling in players who actually have games on any given day. This process realistically takes 5-10 minutes per day. If a player gets injured, you stick him on the bench so he is not taking up the spot of an active player. If a player doesn’t play on Tuesday, but does play on Friday, you have to make sure you have removed him from your roster early in the week and then put him back on the roster later on. By moving players back and forth from the bench, you leave spots open for those players who have games. I’ve watched my husband set that up in a matter of minutes at the beginning of the week, but it will ultimately take as much or as little time as your man wants. Just make sure he’s not the guy that’s never managing his team or else he may get kicked out of the league.

Keeping Track of Your Points

Lucky for your man, ESPN tracks all the points and stats for the players automatically. They fill the points in on your roster and make sure that points are assigned correctly based on the scoring system the league has set up. That’s good news because it means your man doesn’t have to plant himself in front of the TV to watch every game he has players in all week long! But remember, it’s not the end of the world if he wants to watch a little basketball at night.

Catch a glimpse into the Fantasy Sports life

Now that you understand a little bit about fantasy sports, here is a hilarious video I found to illustrate what your man will be experiencing. This video is fantasy football, but the stereotype is very similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the players on your fantasy team from the same NBA teams?

Not necessarily. You could technically draft players who are teammates in real life, but the players on your fantasy team can come from any team in the NBA. You are not required to only draft real life Team Mates. That’s why it’s called Fantasy Basketball, not Reality Basketball.

Does Fantasy Basketball cost?

That’s a slightly loaded question. Yes and no. Many leagues will have a little participation cost at the beginning of the season. In my husbands league, all ten members throw in a little cash at the beginning and then the winner gets all of it at the end of the season. This is not necessary, but can be really fun for your man. Kind of sounds like ladies night playing Bunco, just stretched out across the NBA season.

How long is each draft pick?

Typically you are given 90 seconds to make a pick when it’s your turn to draft a player.

Tell me what you think!

If you have more questions about Fantasy Basketball, tag me in a post on Instagram (@theutahborntexan) or comment below! Stay tuned for more Girlfriend Guides and let me know if this one was helpful!!

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless you and yours!


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