Utah Pinners Conference

Hello friends!! Thought I’d bring you a little life update today!

This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to work at the Utah Pinners Conference. If you have not heard of Pinners Conference, you are seriously missing out!!

A little back story, my husband’s best friend’s wife co-founded this amazing conference that you can catch in several locations across the United States. The concept is that it’s a conference and expo where Pinterest comes to life! There are lectures from lifestyle, fashion, make-up, and food bloggers. There are DIY classes where you can make the projects you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest boards, etc.


This was my first year helping out at Pinners Conference and I have to say it was a blast!! Utah is one of the bigger conferences which made for two very busy days! My husband and I worked at one of the DIY classrooms. We were able to meet some awesome DIY bloggers and instagrammers. We had some wonderful classes put on, but as far as the presenters go, I think my favorite presenters that we worked with were Cassie and Sadie (Clover Lane Blog) and Lisa (Hand Lettered Design).

Cassie and Sadie did a class on how to make these beautiful blanket ladders! Their class was great, but I think I just enjoyed chit chatting with them before the class. They were so cute, so down to earth, and so funny!

Lisa was amazing as well. Over the two days I worked at the conference, we had 6 hand-lettering classes in my classroom, and Lisa’s two classes were by far my favorites. She was delightful to listen to and her hand lettering was simply lovely!

Another amazing presenter at the conference was Jordan Page (Fun, Cheap, or Free). She didn’t present in my classroom, but I was able to stand outside of her classes and catch a few minutes of gold from her. She taught about budgeting and productivity and had so many great tips for both.

There were also TONS of vendors at the conference. I didn’t browse much (because any opportunity I had to get off my feet, I took), but the little walking around I did do was so fun! One of the vendors right across from our classroom befriended my husband and I. She was an older woman running a scrapbooking booth. Every couple hours she would walk over to check in with us and see how things were going. She gave us a pack of gum one time, and another time she walked over and gave my husband a mini pizza to munch on since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet. It was the cutest thing!

Pinners Conference also made for some excellent people watching. There was every kind of woman there! You had the die hard sewing ladies who went to every single DIY sewing class, the mother who had two kids in a double stroller and a baby strapped onto her changing a diaper behind the curtain of a classroom, the 2-3 men that were brought along to carry all the bags and foot the bills for their wives, the hipster college gals who were hanging out by the dream-catcher booth, etc. It was seriously so fun! Everyone was out to have a great time and learn something new. I loved getting to know “the regulars” who seemed to come through my line for all the classes in our classroom. Naturally, there were also the less than nice women. I think my husband enjoyed watching me lay down the law with some of the people who were causing problems. All in all, we had a wonderful time!!

This weekend didn’t go off without a few pregnancy moments, though. On the first day, I nearly fell asleep in my seat during one of the classes because I didn’t get the nap I’ve come to count on every afternoon. On the second day we were located right beside the food. One of the stands was a restaurant called Sushi Burrito. Let’s just say the smell of fried fish and sea weed all day was not doing me any favors. #PregnancyProbs

I love this world of blogging, Pinterest, and Instagram. It was so fun to see so many of the things I enjoy brought together IN PERSON in one place. Sometimes we get caught up in the virtual world of social media and we forget that behind every post is a person. Pinners Conference brings everything together and makes the internet REAL. I am so happy to have been a part of that this weekend. The Pinners Team put on a great conference and had the whole thing running like a well-oiled machine.

And perhaps the best part of it all?? Working alongside my husband all day, and hearing his funny insights about the entire event. He had my laughing so hard!!


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