11 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello again friends! It’s time for my first pregnancy update!!


I am officially 11 weeks along today. These past 11 weeks have been interesting. Let me just start from the beginning.

Finding out about and announcing the pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant on September 20th. I knew that at that point I had to have found out super early. I was barely 4.5 weeks along!! My husband and I decided to keep it a secret until after my first appointment.

The Sunday after my first appointment we had our parents in town for a special occasion at church. After our meetings, we surprised them by telling them the news!! At that point I was just over 7 weeks. Still pretty early, but we wanted to tell them at the same time, and we were all together!! I’ll have a video linked down below that shows their reactions.

Up to that point in the pregnancy, I had been a little sick with mostly heartburn and nausea. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter I got an infection and had to be put on some antibiotics. The first antibiotic made me very sick. I was throwing up so much!! So we changed antibiotics and the next one was worse! I was nervous about my health and the baby. We still hadn’t publicly announced the pregnancy, so it was a little intense trying to cover my illness. The good news is that we finally found an antibiotic that sat well and did not make me sick!

Throughout this first trimester I have been so grateful for my mom, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, and my amazing sisters-in-law. I feel so blessed to have such amazing mothers in my life who have all helped me tremendously throughout the pregnancy so far. I am the first of my close friends to have a baby, so these women have been a unique support to me and give the greatest advice. They have true empathy and love for me as a first time mom that has definitely had my scared-to-death moments.

We had our first ultrasound this past week. This was the first appointment my husband came to (since the first one just consisted of a blood draw and urine sample). It felt so good to be there together and was a truly sweet time for us. The baby is measuring very well and moving like crazy (though I won’t be able to feel the movement for a few more weeks). The heart beat was fast and strong, and blood flow looked really good! Our baby has four little limb buds and the tail has disappeared! After that appointment, and the reassurance that this is a normal, healthy, strong pregnancy we decided to announce our pregnancy to all our friends and the rest of our family. I posted this video in my news feed and later posted a picture with the ultrasound for those who didn’t watch earlier. The support and love that came flowing in was amazing!


So what are my symptoms now?

Besides the time I was on the nasty antibiotics, my “morning sickness” has really been pretty mild. I still throw up occasionally, but I can usually pin point a food or smell that triggered the vomiting. I also haven’t really had any cravings yet. I have made more cookies than usual…but I don’t really eat them so maybe I just like the smell. And I do eat bread in the middle of the night sometimes…

At 11 weeks my heartburn and nausea is decreasing a little more all the time. We are just about finished with the first trimester and I am looking forward to the second wind a lot of women get in their second trimester. Probably the biggest “symptom” I’m feeling is just exhaustion. Every day in the afternoon I crash and burn! I like to take a little nap, but usually wake up from my naps feeling a little yucky, so I have a love hate relationship with it.

At 11 weeks my baby is now the size of a key lime (like the little ones you get with your street tacos); measuring about 1.6 inches!

Key Lime

(Key lime on the right)

The Bump

Here’s a look at my baby bump at 11 weeks! It’s not very big yet, but it is certainly there! So far I’ve been able to camouflage it under flowy shirts, but I have started wearing some maternity pants and pants with stretchy waist bands because most of my pants sit on my natural waist, which makes them too tight and uncomfortable.


Over all, I am feeling so good, so blessed, and so excited!! The nerves come and go, but the feeling that always stays is that surreal feeling. I am in awe of what my body can do, and what my husband and I have been able to do together. There is a tiny human in my belly!! I am convinced that marriage and family is one of the greatest ways to see God’s hand in our lives. It is God’s plan in action!

Here’s hoping your weekend is off to a good start! God bless you and yours and thanks for stopping by!!

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