‘Tis the Season

Hello world!! It’s been a little minute!! I got all excited and started the blog, and then I found out some news that I really wanted to share but it was still a secret, and it gave me some serious writers block!!. Now that it is clear to share, my writer’s block has passed and I’m ready to write like mad again!!

The news: my husband and I are expecting our first baby!!! We made a special little video you can watch here to announce our exciting news. I am almost 11 weeks along and plan on writing some pregnancy updates along the way! We could not be more thrilled!!


In other news, it is now November 2nd, which means I have broken out the Christmas music!! My husband informed me I am the kind of person they make memes about. While he is not wrong, let me just set the record straight for all the Christmas music haters. I LOVE Thanksgiving!! So I am not passing it by. Christmas music gets me in the mood for the entire holiday season, Thanksgiving included!! #JustifyingMyself

To say I love Christmas music may be an understatement. I love ALL Christmas music. Well…nearly all. I love too much Christmas music to put all in one blog post, that’s for sure. So today, I give you Christmas playlist #1. (If you have Spotify you can totally follow my playlist! I will link that here.)

The first album on this Christmas playlist is:

Mariah Carey Christmas

I don’t think I should have to explain why this album is legendary, but in case you’ve never listened to it, here is a little taste of what you’re missing.

The second album you’ll find on my playlist is:

Michael Buble Christmas

Again, legendary. Here’s the thing about Michael. He kind of bugs me as a performer and I don’t love his day to day music, but his Christmas album is amazing because he brings back the retro, jazz feel. It’s amazing!! Here is a sample of one of my favorites from this album.

Next up is:

Josh Groban Christmas

Guys…JOSH GROBAN CHRISTMAS!!!! Josh Groban is another artist I really don’t listen to except at Christmas time. He is also awesome because he sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on this album. AMAZING!! Here is my favorite song on his Christmas album.

This next album is not very well known:

Crofts Family Christmas

The album is called “Sparrow in the Birch” by a group named the Crofts Family. I discovered this album from some YouTubers I used to follow. There is something very charming, raw, and real about this album. They’re not professionals, but their music is so enjoyable. On this album you’ll find popular Christmas songs, a few original pieces, and some lesser known traditional Christmas music. Here is the song that gives the album its name.

And finally, another classic:

Kelly Clarkson Christmas

Believe it or not, I had never listened to this entire album until last Christmas, and of course I fell in LOVE with it!! Kelly Clarkson is the queen. This album will certainly be on repeat all winter long. Here is one of my favorites from this album.

Like I said, this is just Christmas Playlist #1. Stay tuned for more Christmas music throughout the season!! Tag me on Instagram with some of your favorite Christmas music, and your suggestion could be featured here!! @theutahborntexan

Thanks for stopping by, and happy holiday season!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

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